Diary of a Foodie: A Raw Food Diet

There are many reasons people cite for eating a raw food diet. Cooking does change food: it kills helpful digestive enzymes, destroys vitamins, and alters the PH of food. Raw foodies claim the diet gives them more energy, allows them to sleep less, clears up skin problems, and may even reverse diabetes.  I’m certainly not a nutrition expert, but after trying a few raw food dishes, I realized how my diet previously almost entirely excluded raw foods. I cooked nearly everything. These days, I’m trying to make sure at least one of my meals is raw, and I have to admit, I love the way I feel.

My road trip diet was filled with sugar and baked goods and lots of other delicious foods. I said no to anything, and on Saturday, it really hit me. So this week, I’m doing a vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar cleanse, with lunch or dinner a raw meal. I only wish I knew how to make the sesame bread on the yummy raw sandwiches I had in San Diego.

{image from Sweet Paul Magazine}


  1. I've been wanting to go on a raw fast. The people that I know who have done it, love it.

  2. Good luck! I'm hoping that once I'm on my own and not surrounded by tasty cooked dishes, I'll be able to get much more raw foods in my diet!

  3. Ana

    I love detox diets, I wish they last longer… They make you feel and look so much better and your skin thanks you, or at least mine does. I've been eating terribly lately. Thankfully my Emma is a vegan haha!

  4. Welcome to the club! Just make sure you're vigilant about food safety. I've had gastritis twice since switching to raw and am now using an organic produce wash on everything before I eat it. Even buying organic you never know who or what has touched your food right before you. Ick.

    Let me know how you're doing, I'd be happy to lend a sympathetic GF raw vegan ear if ever you need one :)


  5. Beautiful photo. Sweet Paul knows how to make food look great. Best thing about having an edible garden is that it is deliciously raw and untouched by others (insects excluded)

  6. I'm going to try those brownies that you posted. I've been doing Paleos since the beginning of May and I feel great. I never thought about trying a raw diet thought. I'll have to keep my eyes open for more recipes I can try. They look amazing!