Going Out: Kensington Grill

The Kensington Grill, sister restaurant of San Diego’s Cucina Urbana, became an instant favorite the first time I had dinner there. I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian lately, so I’m always keen on finding a good restaurant with some delicious veggie options. I went with the veggie burger and couldn’t have been more pleased.

But in all honestly, it was dessert that got me: a trio of sorbets and cookies that were utterly heavenly. The banana sorbet was amazingly fresh.

The fig creme brulee sealed the deal. Luckily, my friend was willing to share and I had to use every ounce of self control to stop myself from fleeing with it down the street.

I would drive back to San Diego just for this one little dessert. (I’m searching for a recipe to recreate this dish. When I find a good one, promise I’ll share.)

Kensington Grill. 4055 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA. 619.281.4014. www.kensingtongrill.com Open daily for dinners only.


  1. Ana

    Oh my golly! Can I please have that for breakfast!?

  2. fig creme brulee? seriously? i hope i don't have to drive all the way down to sandy eggo to try that one. recipe please please please!