You may notice there’s no recipe attached to this post and for the past eight months, there’s always been a recipe on Mondays. I’m sorry. I’d like to bake you a pie as an apology, but I don’t have much time at the moment. I may have taken on a bit more than I can handle with graduate school responsibilities at the moment and I’m trying to finish up all the work I need to do during these last few weeks of the quarter. So I have to cut back somewhere, and it seemed most logical that this blog would be the best place. So instead of five posts a week, you’ll see three.  Just for the next month or so — more or less, until I can start thinking clearly again.

There’s something else I should mention, another reason. Food and I haven’t been the best of friends lately, and I’m trying to deal with that. I hope this lighter schedule will help. I don’t want to say much more about that right now, but you may hear my story in time. It’s nothing serious — just a struggle I need to work through.

That said, I’m up to my usual business over at Not Your Average Ordinary. And just so you’re not left completely without a recipe for the day, I’m sending you over to my friend Bianca’s place for a lesson on Spanish Rice and Flour Tortillas (trust me, she knows how to do Mexican food better than I ever will).

{photograph taken by me at Spice Station in Los Angeles}


  1. Brandi, love – good luck with school. Just think, about a month from now, you'll be gearing up to start your cross country adventures with a clear mind and more time to spare. In the meantime, best of luck and remember, you are a super girl! <3

  2. Oh, you know how much I love you and support whatever you do. Both blogs are equally wonderful. I know this decision was hard for you. Hope the schooling is going okay.

  3. I knew I recognized that photo (Spice Station rocks!) and I hope you and food make up and are good buddies again soon. And you've got the brawn and brains to get through this. Have faith in yourself, you're amazing.

  4. Ana

    I am with all them. I support you and love you and think you are the best in what you do, I'll keep updated with NYAO :)


  5. Don't worry about it, Brandi! Take care of yourself… don't overdo it! I need you to be healthy and happy when you arrive in Victoria. There's much fun to be had, my friend! xo

  6. i hope you are doing alright, my dear. i understand how busy & crazy things can get and admire how you've been great at staying on top of everything.

  7. Aw, take the time you need. Your life is more important! I hope you're encouraged. xoxo