You may notice there’s no recipe attached to this post and for the past eight months, there’s always been a recipe on Mondays. I’m sorry. I’d like to bake you a pie as an apology, but I don’t have much time at the moment. I may have taken on a bit more than I can handle with graduate school responsibilities at the moment and I’m trying to finish up all the work I need to do during these last few weeks of the quarter. So I have to cut back somewhere, and it seemed most logical that this blog would be the best place. So instead of five posts a week, you’ll see three.  Just for the next month or so — more or less, until I can start thinking clearly again.

There’s something else I should mention, another reason. Food and I haven’t been the best of friends lately, and I’m trying to deal with that. I hope this lighter schedule will help. I don’t want to say much more about that right now, but you may hear my story in time. It’s nothing serious — just a struggle I need to work through.

That said, I’m up to my usual business over at Not Your Average Ordinary. And just so you’re not left completely without a recipe for the day, I’m sending you over to my friend Bianca’s place for a lesson on Spanish Rice and Flour Tortillas (trust me, she knows how to do Mexican food better than I ever will).

{photograph taken by me at Spice Station in Los Angeles}

  • http://janiehearts.blogspot.com/ Janie | We Heart Pap

    Brandi, love – good luck with school. Just think, about a month from now, you'll be gearing up to start your cross country adventures with a clear mind and more time to spare. In the meantime, best of luck and remember, you are a super girl! <3

  • http://dancingbranflakes.blogspot.com Dancing Branflake

    Oh, you know how much I love you and support whatever you do. Both blogs are equally wonderful. I know this decision was hard for you. Hope the schooling is going okay.

  • http://www.darrenthechef.com darren brown

    I knew I recognized that photo (Spice Station rocks!) and I hope you and food make up and are good buddies again soon. And you've got the brawn and brains to get through this. Have faith in yourself, you're amazing.

  • http://www.liveandenliven.com/ Ana

    I am with all them. I support you and love you and think you are the best in what you do, I'll keep updated with NYAO :)


  • http://www.pughs-news.blogspot.com Erin

    Don't worry about it, Brandi! Take care of yourself… don't overdo it! I need you to be healthy and happy when you arrive in Victoria. There's much fun to be had, my friend! xo

  • http://stephanietama.blogspot.com stephanie

    i hope you are doing alright, my dear. i understand how busy & crazy things can get and admire how you've been great at staying on top of everything.

  • http://www.inspiredtoshare.com Colleen / Inspired t

    Aw, take the time you need. Your life is more important! I hope you're encouraged. xoxo