Visual Treats: Allyn Ami

Allyn Ami‘s beautiful egg photographs definitely have me thinking about dying Easter eggs. I’ve never tried to color a brown egg before, have you?

{photographs by Allyn Ami}


  1. thanks for featuring my eggs. i haven't colored brown eggs either + recently purchased white ones so the kids [for the first time] can dye a few for fun.

    i say let out the egg of the brown + blue + grey ones and leave as is.

    recently saw a tutorial on oh happy day | jordan ferney that placed glittered in eggs. it would be fun to stuff the brown ones with glitter for smashing.

    hope you enjoy the easter festivities.

  2. My goodness, does Allyn's photography make me want to venture outside my little picky bubble of food likes. I have tried brown eggs – they're good! Actually, you should try tea-soaked eggs – yum. I like them better than regular eggs :)

  3. I wonder what it would look like (brown dyed egg that is).

    Allyn's photography is indeed beautiful!

  4. Marci

    Someone I know used "natural" dyes for her Easter eggs this year… boiling eggs with purple cabbage, spinach, green tea, etc. The tones were awesome, but pretty muted, and likely wouldn't really show up on brown eggs.

  5. She is such a great photographer! Never have I tried to color a brown egg but now I want to. Gorgeous!